Loving the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul and mind

One of the most exciting things for  those who love G-d is to see how detailed and organized He is through careful examination of the things He has created. Originally scientists did their study to better understand the creator of the heavens and the earth. Now in modern times science and education have drifted away from searching for G-d into trying to prove that there is no god in hopes that there would be no requirements for living that would come from a god if there was one. Evolution is important to the secular scientist because it holds that there is no intelligent design which would imply there was a god which might mean we needed to accountable to that god in some way. 

As we examine the Scriptures or Torah to better understand G-d we can fall into the same trap of viewing the Bible to fit our own needs and limiting our understanding of who the creator of the heavens and earth is to fit our own reasoning and experiences. Havdala Drasha hopes to take a look at the Torah and see how both Jews and Gentiles understand them as the way to get closer to G-d and to love Him with all of our heart, mind and soul.  

Hebrew Alphabet

The first letter

Gentile believers in Jesus (Yeshua) usually spend very little time examining the books of the Law or Torah and even less time in understanding the Hebrew language that G-d used to write it. How does the first letter of the hebrew alphabet show us something about the character of G-d?

Hebrew for Truth

What can we learn about TRUTH and about the opposite which is the LIE from the Hebrew spelling of these words. Christians will be surprised by what the language tells us about G-d. 

YHVH - HaShem 
The Name of G-d

What does YHVH mean to the Hebrew. Gentiles use the word Jehovah which is a transliteration of the letters. This Blog will discuss this in greater detail and may change your view about what these letters mean. Maybe those people that knock on your door should change their name. Find out why.

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