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Who - what is Havdalah Drasha?

The blessing of the Internet is that it opens up the door of access to an almost infinite amount of information. At the same time it can be a curse if that information comes from a biased source. With that in mind this is the background of HavdalahDrasha and our possible bias or slant on what you find in these pages. 

HavdalahDrasha.org is a ministry of reconciliation placed on the web by Keith Wills. Who is Keith you ask? Keith has been an active member of Calvary Chapel for over 30 years and has spent hundreds of hours in study of both the Tanakh or Hebrew (Old) Testament and the Brit Hadasha (New Testament) including 45 units of study at Grace Graduate School in California. Keith is a Christian. 

A visit to Israel in 2007 and again in 2008 made the reality of Scripture come to life for Keith and his family. During those visits it was clear that many Jews have a fervent love for G-d and out of respect for that love this ministry was born. The ministry of this web site is one of reconciliation. This site will look at Scriptures and focus on observations and interpretations that have been accepted by the sages of Israel for hundreds of years and show how those same interpretations agree with Christian teaching. The bottom line is a desire for those who come to this site to begin to love the Lord or G-d with all their heart, soul and strength and as a result have a closer walk with Him as a result of finding application in their life for the Word of G-d. It is all about HIM and not about us. 

Keith Wills 
Santa Cruz, California 

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